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Feb 24, 2017

Company Directors presenting TL Plastic Surgery Korea's new facial contouring center More Korea TL Plastic Surgery facial contouring surgery specialists Dr. Kim Ji-Myeong and Choi Se-Woon now offerTightening 3D Zygoma Reduction, which is a V line contouring surgery, and TL Bodylong Curved Square Jaw Reduction and TL genioplasty (V line). Dr. Kim JiMyeong explained, "The TL Tightening 3D Zygoma Reduction technique is necessary for patients who want cheekbone surgery without sagging cheeks. A protruding cheekbone is one of the characteristics that gives a strong impression or old face which can be complex to anyone. Sagging cheeks after zygoma reduction surgery is one of the biggest considerations of patients. It happens during the process of cutting the cheekbones and reducing the size of it." He also revealed that"TL Tightening 3D Zygoma Reduction surgery prevents sagging cheeks after surgery via upward posterior fixation of wide cheekbones. It also prevents the side effects of reoperation or malunion via tight posterior fixation and practices techniques that minimizes swelling up and bruise via minimal exfoliation." In addition, Dr. Choi SeWoon explained, "If you want aperfect V line, you can make a wide face with an angular jaw via TL Bodylong Curved Square Jaw Reduction and TL genioplasty.

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